Title: 할말있어요 (GOTTA TALK TO U) (Hard Remix Preview)
Artist: Seungri
Album: Let's Talk About Love
Plays: 2949

For those who want the hard remix version but can’t get it: enjoy this preview from the MV instead (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

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I told Taeyang hyung that we should form a unit that would beat GD&TOP. When I told him, he just sighed deeply, slammed the desk, and walked out
- Seungri (MTV EMA Big Bang Special)

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121211 GRi first twitter conversation

Seungri: U and…. ME ^^

GD: Don’t do this kind of things

Seungri: Hyung why are you acting so cold to me? you’ve changed…..

GD: Just talk to me, you’re just next to me….

Translated by HuisuYoon

For all TOP’s fans, I’m going to tell you TOP’s secret!!! TOP….. sometimes when he’s drunk…wow! he cries sometimes..! …And he’s really cuuuute!! wwwwwwwww (laugh). Couldn’t imagine it right? because I’ve seen it~~ Please keep it as secret okay~~ if he knows this, i’ll be killed for sure~! wwwwwwwwwwwwwww (laugh).
- Seungri (121104 Seungchan’s Diary translated by @0401rurutic)